Ramus is a digital product agency based in Zurich

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From research and strategy to design and implementation. We team up with industry leaders to create digital products that enable powerful relationships between business and people.

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is enterprise software that doesn’t suck

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Are you looking for a new web experience, business portal, corporate platform or digital product?

Workpackage 01

Establish your brand appearance in a digital context

Workpackage 02

Gain insights around the users’ needs, emotions, behavior and motivation

Workpackage 03

Design a seamless experience based on proper user research and testing

Workpackage 04

Design a user-friendly interface based on a consistent and scalable framework

Workpackage 05
Software Development

Development services, maintenance and hosting.

Workpackage 06
Usability Testing

Test usability of existing products and provide recommendations

Credit Suisse, International Wealth Management
Thomas Allemann, Head of Digitalization

Ramus functioned as part of our team, helping to crystalize our UX/UI vision and delivering great results in a very short period of time.

Awards and recognition

Awards that are worth mentioning

Celent Model Wealth Manager of the Year 2020