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Hi there, we are Ramus

We are a design firm that blends user-research and design more closely together.

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What’s different about us?

We have an entire product team that functions like a "start-up in a box"

About Us

Our belief

We believe that cross-functional teams get the work done.

Our belief is that business, design and engineering teams should work together in ways that are informed and influenced by an understanding of what people need.

The goal was to shorten our turn-around time compared to traditional project delivery teams. This way we managed to reduce inefficiencies, avoid bottle necks and respond to an ever shifting environment.

Ramus Services
Project Manager / Business AnalystProject Manager / Business AnalystDefinition:
The business analyst usually works on the client side. He represents the sponsors and stakeholders. He gathers business requirements and shares them with the design team. Also, he is responsible for effective project planning, control and communication.
Design Lead / Design OpsDesign Lead / Design OpsDefinition:
The design lead is the project manager’s counterparty on the Ramus side. He transforms business requirements into design requirements. He coordinates delivery timelines and creates tasks, which he distributes and communicates clearly among the design team. This way we can shorten our turn-around scale and guarantee impact at scale.
User Experience ResearcherUser Experience ResearcherDefinition:
The UX researcher supports the design team in defining the experience a person has while using a user interface on a device. For this he or she is required to gather data from inside and outside the organization to derive actionable insights that drive both strategic and tactical decision making.
Content WriterContent WriterDefinition:
Content writers produce engaging content for use online. It is inevitable for realistic prototypes to contain relevant content. A new web appearance, for example, has to speak to a specific target audience and requires the most relevant content to attract business. Content should contain keywords aimed towards improving a website's SEO.
Solution ArchitectSolution ArchitectDefinition:
A solution architect is in charge of leading the practice and introducing the overall technical vision for a particular solution. He works closely with the development team to make sure the solution is technically feasible.
User Interface DesignerUser Interface DesignerDefinition:
A user interface designer is in charge of visually designing each screen or page of a user interface and ensures that it follows the user journey and resembles the user flow a UX designer has laid out, while respecting the branding and design guidelines.
Interaction DesignerInteraction DesignerDefinition:
Interaction = Action and reponse.

An interaction designer is specialized in designing responses of a user interface to an action taken by the user. Besides a change in visual, motion and sound play an equally important role in creating delightful user experiences that guide users along the way.
Software DeveloperSoftware DeveloperDefinition:
Interaction = Action and reponse.

A software developer writes code based on the technical requirements and design specifications that he receives by the design team
Quote // Sandro Zweig, Project Lead Ramus

“We encourage an open dialog and try to avoid projects where people work in silos. We support the idea of working in a cross-functional product team.”

What we do

We (re-) design and build digital products for any industry on every platform

As a full-fledged product agancy, we team up with our clients to research, define, design and develop holistic user experiences across all platforms and brands touchpoints.

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How we do it

We developed the traditional “Design Thinking” process further.

We defined our methods and deliverables for a standard UX / UI design project.

In our work packages we take our clients through a design thinking process in a very methodical way that is repeatable and reproducable.

Did you know?
Regardless of the industry or platform, whether it's a small startup or a worldwide enterprise, the list of deliverables, for a standard UX / UI design projectWhat’s a UX / UI Deliverable?A UX deliverable is a design document that communicates ideas, research findings, and provides guidance for design and development teams., is more or less the same and mainly depends on the product requirements, budget and timeline.

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Our focus

You and your user are all that matters.

We are user focused, not app focused. Our mission is to invent, launch, scale, or even change what’s best for you, your business and the people who use your products.

Words we live by

Together we drive invention and beat convention.

Success isn’t just about a series of transactions, or mindless consumption. We aspire to work with people who want to transform and transact at the same time.

This shared vision lays the foundation of a sustainable and long-lasting relationship between us and our clients. Together we drive invention and beat convention.