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The entire recruiting process in a unified look

Ramus designed the user experience and user interface of the new human resource platform.

Walo Bertschinger AG is a Swiss construction company based in Zurich. To support their expansion and growth plan they decided to take the next big step of implementing a professional human resources platform. We have been asked to design the user experience and user interface for their new careers portal.

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Ramus Walo
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The entire recruiting process in a unified look

We were tasked to design the user experience and user interface of WALOs new career portal that is linked to the new website. After a thorough vendor selection process the multi award-winning software solution from eRecruiter was selected as a preferred partner.

eRecruiter offers a full-fledged software solution to manage the entire recruiting process from job posting to successfully filling a position.

We designed interfaces for all user flows and made the white label solution branding compliant. Also, we prepared all the design specifications for eRecruiter developers to implement the new look and feel.

03User Experience Design

Our research showed that people pursuing a career at WALO could be broken down into four applicant types. Those four user personas all stand at a different point in life - some just starting their career and some being more experienced. Their interests vary, which is why certain pieces of information carry a different weight of importance. We tried to highlight exactly these pieces and created a unique experience for all of them.

Designing a unique experience

First we had to get familiar with eRecruiter’s white label solution and understand their existing processes.

The experience we designed had to reflect the general hiring process defined by eRecruiter, while catering to the individual needs of our four applicant types at the same time.

Information Architecture
User Workflows
Ramus Walo

From low to high-fidelity wireframes

Ramus Walo
Ramus Walo
04User Interface Design

Once we the wireframes were final, we had to break themdown into single components that could be developed bythe eRecruiter team. For this we had to design them invarious states and think about their behavior.

Visualizing design components

The biggest challenge was to design the job postings page.

We found that the ideal applicant experience, is an experience where he or she finds the most suitable position in as little time as possible.

We asked ourselves the following question: What pieces of information does a user require to determine whether a job description matches their profile?

Our research showed that users prefer a filtered system to narrow down their search. Also, they wanted to see a high-level description about the job posting without leaving the search page.

This led us to the conclusion to design an inpage filtering system with expandable job title to inquire for more information if needed.

The answers we found were: Users want to apply filters to narrow down their search

Users want to see a high-level description about the job posting without leaving the search page.

Visual Design Concept
UI Animations
User Interface Guidelines
Ramus Walo
Ramus Walo

Providing design specifications

Ramus Walo

We used Zeplin to share, organize and collaborate on designs. Developers could access components in our codebase right on the designs, with links to Storybook and GitHub.

Ramus worked closely with the marketing team at WALO in launching their global, unified web appearance.