Case Study

Walo Bertschinger a construction company goes global

Ramus worked closely with the marketing team at WALO in launching their global, unified web appearance.

Walo Bertschinger AG is a Swiss construction company based in Zurich. WALO’s market focus lies in Switzerland, but the UK and the US business is growing. They asked us to recreate their web appearance by consolidating all three independently running websites and subsidiary websites into one global experience.

Workpackage 03
Interactive Prototyping
User Testing
Workpackage 04
Visual Design
UI Animations
Design System
Workpackage 05
Software Development
Enterprise Software
Native Mobile
Responsive Web
Ramus Walo
CHALLENGES // Proposed Solution // results

Walo Bertschinger a construction company goes global

The biggest challenge was to merge the WALO web appearance of all independently operating sites and subsidiaries into one global experience, while still catering to the needs of the country-specific clientele.

Research showed that consolidating all websites would be beneficial to our users. The proposed solution was to create one overarching web appearance for all countries, that is expandable and editable by the internal marketing team through drag and drop templates. All content should be managed from the same CMS platform.

Besides the website an inbound-marketing & sales software was tied to the content management software to grow traffic on the WALO key landing pages and to convert more visitors into qualified leads.

03User Experience Design

Based on research and the newly established user personas we started visualizing the overall project structure to understand the scope of the project and prioritize features. With this in mind we assembled our user flows, created our wireframes and built an interactive prototype to start testing.

Rethinking the experience from scratch

Starting our process we created a mind map to obtain a bird’s eye view of the system and show the relationships between its parts.

We continued writing user journeys for all our personas. From there we started drawing wireframes - first low-fidelity, then high-fidelity.

Information Architecture
User Workflows
Interactive Prototype
Usability Testing
Ramus Walo
Ramus Walo

Designed a clickable prototype

Ramus Walo

We transformed static designs into a clickable and interactive prototype, that could be tested in a user experience lab and sent around for viewing. The goal was to create a real-life experience by adding gestures and transitions to make our prototype look and feel like the end product.

04User Interface Design

After finalizing the wireframes and workflows for the core features we started working on the visual concept. Once we were set on the design elements we evolved them into a design system with reusable components. On top of this we provided a purposfully designed set of UI interactions and animations that guide users along the way.

Introduced a new design system

A design system is essential to build products better and faster; better because a cohesive experience is more easily understood by our users, and faster because it gives us a common language to work with.

A unified design language shouldn’t be just a set of static rules and individual atoms; it should be an evolving ecosystem.

Visual Design Concept
UI Animations
Design System
User Interface Guidelines
Ramus Walo

Documentation for future use

Ramus Walo

Once we’ve built a powerful brand experience we needed an all-in-one brand management platform where our unified design system could be documented. This helped us to maximize brand consistency through centralization and therefore, lose redundancy / boost efficiency. At the same time it gave us oversight on existing components.

05Software Development

To bring the website to life we worked with a content management system that allowed our developers to build flexible themes and content structures. This way the marketing team could easily edit, create and manage website pages personalized for different visitors - and optimized for devices and conversions.

From a static structure to a living interface

We started setting up the content management system. As a next step, we created custom-built templates that could be edited directly by the marketing team.

With this in hand, we built the website framework, mirrored all userflows that were defined and visualized them according to our design concept.

Custom Built Templates
Content Management System
Responsive Web
Optimized for Mobile
Ramus Walo

Going live on a global scale

Ramus Walo

The new website is the visible and versatile expression of Walo Bertschingers consistent digitisation process. For the first time, the core knowledge and information platform connect any content of the global construction company– gapless, clearly structured, addressing all stakeholders.

Testimonial // Davide Di Falco, CEO WALO USA

"Our biggest challenge was not to build a website but to create a design that is easily scalable and reproducible. Together with Ramus, we developed a coherent design system within our corporate identity consisting of a joint set of components, modules, and animations."

Designing the user experience and user interface of the new human resource platform.