Workpackage 02
Research & Strategy
Key Performance Indicators
User Research
UX / UI Field Research
Main focus

Gain insights around the users’ needs, emotions, behavior and motivation

Find out what your user really requires to start loving your product. This endeavor will be the key to meet all your business requirements and make this initiative a success.

Research & Strategy explained in Phase 1 to 3

Project setup

Understand and structure

First and foremost we’d like to understand the clients culture and company structure. Together, we establish a project governance and identify all repsonsible stakekholders. Based on that we build up a project team.

Phase 1

Define business requirements

As a starting point we like to look at the status quo to immerse ourselve into the project.

What are the KPI metricsKey performance indicators (KPI)Defintion:
A Key Performance Indicator (KPI) is a measurable value that demonstrates how effectively a company is achieving key business objectives. Organizations use KPIs to evaluate their success at reaching targets.
that you would like to work on and improve? What do you believe the deliverable should be to move the needle?

We start by imagining the end result and work backwards to decomplex the challenge ahead.


Client workshops


Project brief stating the vision, KPI metrics, list of high-level requirements

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Phase 2

Conduct user research

User research is an integral part of any project, where we gain insights around users’ needs, emotions, behavior and motivation.

Our research methods are case sensitive depending on who the end-user is.

For us, qualitative user-research that is formative and generative stands above all. Even though, we are a product agency we are not product-centric, but user-centric.


Generative / Formative Research; Individual interviews, surveys including A/B testing, study groups, design thinking workshops.


“User research takeaways” document including main findings, user needs, personas, and high-level recommendations including main findings, (may include user research plan, xls results matrix, recordings).

This document helps us to get key stakeholder buy-in with regards to user goals and desired features.

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Phase 3

Do UX / UI field research

market screening to identify best practices and pinpoint competitors’ strengths and weaknesses can be very useful.


We pick 5-7 of the most appealing direct competitors and test their current solutions against the user feedback we have received in Phase 2. These learnings are incorporated during the “User Experience Design” phase.


The final takeaways document contains the main findings (Do’s and Dont’s). It is used throughout the project as a handbook to guide and support our design decisions.

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Design a seamless experience based on proper user research and testing